Radio Shuffle, Local Frequencies Will Change

Published 06/03 2014 06:31PM

Updated 06/04 2014 08:42AM

The first thing many people do when getting in the car, is turn on the radio. Through a purchase agreement, FM radio has a new owner that will cause many to change their presets. Adams radio group is moving in. They’re in Fort Wayne to stay.

"We will have a cluster of 8 radio stations," said Shel Leshner, Market General Manager for Adams Radio Group.

The group recently purchased Oasis and Summit City Radio. The first of many major changes has already been felt throughout the community.

"I used to listen to 106.3 and now it’s changed so now it’s not on my preset anymore," said Cassandra Logsdon, a frequent Rewind listener.

The oldies station called Rewind has been traded to Fort Wayne Catholic Radio. They took over the frequency on Monday.

"My Justin Timberlake, Nsync and Britney Spears, I’m definitely going to miss that," said Logsdon.

Rewind is currently off air, however, Leshner says that could change.

"There is another thing coming up that I can’t talk about yet that will super serve that audience and community that is moving away from there," said Leshner.

Another big change will be with one of the most listened to stations around.

"We have a powerhouse classic rock station here, its been located at 103.9 for years and serves the community very well and the one complaint we've had over the years is why cant you have a better signal," said Leshner.

Starting June 11th listeners of 103.9 will tune into 96.3, what used to be the areas hip hop station. Those hip-hop listeners are being forwarded to 107.9 the pop station.

"Now they took all that away," said Jose Cruz, a listener of Rewind 106.3.

Few genres will be missed but also some on air personalities. Leshner says about ten people were laid off during the merge. All personalities at wild 96.3 were let go. In addition, management at Oasis are now without a job.

Leshner says Adams Radio Group will continue to buy more stations throughout the state. Another sale will be made final this July in the northwest region. The group in total acquired a total of 10 local stations but had to trade two because of FCC requirements.

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