Public Hearing at Tuesday's City Council Meeting to Discuss Paying for Increased Sewer Rates


Published 07/22 2014 10:11PM

Updated 08/01 2014 04:29PM

Kumar Menon, Director of City Utilities said at Tuesday’s City Council Meeting, "Ten cents a day for no more back ups or fewer backups fewer street flooding and definitely better quality of the rivers."

Menon put the cost in perspective for citizens that don’t appreciate the increased sewer rates associated with the Three Tivers Protection and Overflow Reduction Tunnel plan.

Fort Wayne is under Federal mandate to separate waste water and storm water. The city applied for grants as well as using sales tax from the state and both were denied. John Stafford said the default method has always been rate payers of the utilities to pay for improvements.

Stafford said, "There is possibilities for paying for it implementation for long term control plan towards the ability to borrow and reduce interest rates but it is a loan not a grant."

Menon said that 13 thousand homes are being protected from this program.

At the public hearing at Tuesday’s City Council meeting, citizens acknowledged the hard work that contractors and employees have done to save them money.

A resident spoke up and said, "The city has worked very diligently with the citizens and the city trying to improve the sewer systems so much that extent the EPA acknowledged that."

Several options that were discussed at Tuesday’s meeting for those that are unable to pay for the increased rates.

Menon said, "So a donation program that people could round up and contribute towards a city utility relief fund to assist those who may have occasional difficultly in rates."

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