Property Problems with Proposed Pipeline


Published 08/19 2014 09:58PM

Updated 08/20 2014 08:42AM

The city of Fort Wayne is about to build a new water main on the city's north side.

But some people who live in the path of the proposed pipe say they have problems with the plan.

They called us with their concerns.

The plan is to build a five thousand foot water main near Spy Run Creek, and it would pass just to the west of the homes on Westbrook Drive.

Some say it would damage their property.

City representatives say nearly all of the pipe will go on city owned land.

"And all she said to her was 'you have to take your fence down, it's on an easement,' over and over again,” says Westbrook Drive resident Mark Chalk
Chalk says he feels like he's hasn't gotten anywhere with city reps.

City Utilities is about to begin installing a new water main- almost a mile in length- to improve water service to the growing northwest Fort Wayne.

He says the city hasn't told him and his neighbors the truth since an August 6th meeting.

Chalk says he wasn't at the meeting, but a few neighbors who were say the pipe would go on top of a hill behind their houses.

Most of the yards extend past property lines onto a city owned easement.

And to install the pipe, workers will have to take down their fences.

"Why would they want to use our easement when they can use the hill? Behind our easement is another hundred yards of open land,” Chalk says.

He says they were told their yards would be untouched during construction.

WFFT spoke with City Utilities spokesperson Frank Suarez Tuesday about the project.

Suarez says the $2 Million job is expected to start in a few weeks.

All fences and landscaping moved by construction will be replaced by the city at the end of the project.

"All of this pipe is on our own properties, but there are some areas in the beginning of the pipe, which is down south of Jacobs Street where we will have some easements, which we've already secured from a couple of businesses, and I think three or four homes in that area. And they've agreed to that, and we will restore their property after we've made those improvements,” Suarez says.

Suarez says the project will be done next may and then they'll spend the next few weeks replacing all fences and landscaping.

He says it's an important improvement for the city's water line.

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