Pot Bust Lands Two Behind Bars

Published 04/16 2014 10:20PM

Updated 04/17 2014 09:56AM

 A delivery of nearly 600 pounds of Marijuana was intercepted and is now off the streets thanks to some good police work by a number of local agencies. 

WFFT's Charlie De Mar has been digging into this and spoke with a number of neighbors who were startled to learn that there was a big time drug operation in their quiet neighborhood.

$580,000 dollars is what the street value was for the marijuana seized.  A tip into local authorities informed them that a shipment of marijuana was coming into town and our guys were on it and now 2 men are behind bars.

White picket fences and manicured lawns is what you will find along the 8,000 block of Auburn Road.

"I can't believe it, I just can't."

This house isn't just an eyesore in the neighborhood, it's also where police say a shipment of nearly 600 pounds of marijuana was headed.

"We have children in the neighborhood so I would hate to see that affect the children."

The police say they received a tip telling them that a big shipment of marijuana was making it's way to Fort Wayne.  Local authorities watched as Luis Perez and Alvara Rivera received the shipment of marijuana from the supplier.  The large scale drug deal went down here at Washington Center Rd and Coldwater Rd.

Police followed Perez and Rivera here to a home on Auburn Road where the men were seen unloading barrels of marijuana.

"It's a big deal", says neighbor John Guingrich who is on edge knowing that his son's bus stop is right in front of the home where the drugs were headed.

"The fact that the police took care of it is a huge piece of mind.  We have a great force in this town and the fact that they took care of it, I greatly appreciate it."

The delivery itself consisted of 550 pounds of weed but when police searched the home they found an additional 32 pounds.  Both Rivera and Perez were arrested and charged with dealing marijuana.

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