POLICE: Fort Wayne Crime is Down Across the Board

Published 03/05 2014 05:33PM

Updated 03/06 2014 08:30AM

This time last year the City of Fort Wayne had six homicides and ten shootings. That compared to the absent number the city has seen this year is comforting to some residents. Crimes that happen directly outside of city limits are handled by the county sheriff department. So far this year there has been one. Damien miller was shot to death outside the Dupont Bar and Grill in the early hours of January 19.

Police attribute the decrease in crime to three things. The first is good police strategies, like the new gang unit.

"That whole strategy and effort is working. We’ve made some high profile arrests," said Fort Wayne Police spokesperson Michael Joyner.

Second, the community.

"They want their neighborhoods back, they’re stepping up and giving us great information," said Joyner.

Lastly mother nature.

"That has also assisted us in keeping down not only homicides but across the board crime as a whole," he said.

However, when the weather starts to warm up, police are expecting an increase in crime. This time last year temperatures were at an average of about 20 degrees warmer than they are now. March was also the deadliest month on 2013 seeing 8 homicides. All were shootings, one being a police action shooting.

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