One Dead in Storm Damage in Lagrange County


Published 07/01 2014 09:47PM

Updated 07/02 2014 08:26AM

There was another life lost last night...

Up in Lagrange County along big long lake, a tree fell into a home, killing a 64 year old man.

Residents of Big Long Lake saw plenty of damage to their homes and property, and many were without power until this afternoon.

Some of them told WFFT this was some of the worst damage they've ever seen.

"My heart goes out to the family, but it was really scary last night,” says Emily Andrews.

One person is dead as strong winds knocked over entire trees along the shores of Big Long Lake, just north of South Milford.

The Lagrange County Coroner confirmed the death of Larry Davisson after this tree destroyed part of his home.

"My daughter graduated with his son, and, just a neighbor. Not friendly back and forth, but just a friendly person,” Andrews says.

Andrews lives down the street- and her damage- significantly less.

Winds tore the frame off her garage.

"Oh, it just sounded horrible. I mean, I didn't look out the window, but this is what I found this morning. But it was loud, it was loud,” Andrews says.

"We went down in our basement, and limbs were falling everywhere, and our rats for our boats, they were in the lake, and I had to go out and get those,” says Jackson Herber.

This is what Herber's family found in the morning- one chunk of the family's porch gone.

"Yea, a limb, a big one, fell down and knocked that out,” Herber says.

This is what remained- just a pile of debris.

A familiar site for many houses down the street.

"But I'm lucky. Some people aren't so lucky,” says John Schlegel.

Schlegel just bought this house last week.

And just a few days in, a near miss, as this tree was ripped out of the ground and nicked the side of his garage.

"Mostly this shakey bark hickory tree, it caused a little bit of damage to the roof, and most of it is just tree damage here, and to this building here,” Schlegel says.

Many homes up here were without power for much of the day, with much of it restored by the afternoon.

And we are still dealing with some power outages across the region tonight.

Here's the latest numbers.

Indiana Michigan Power is reporting just before 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Over 22,000 Indiana customers are without power, with 1500 in the Fort Wayne area and the rest near South Bend and Elkhart.

It expects all customers to have power by 6 p.m. Wednesday night.

Kosciusko REMC says as of 5 p.m. Tuesday, 412 customers are still without power.

We'll continue to update you as power is restored.

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