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Published 04/02 2014 09:18PM

Updated 04/03 2014 08:56AM

A Huntington area icon is about to be sold and could close for good.

The Huntington Drive In is over sixty-four years old.

And this Sunday it's up for auction.

WFFT talked to the current owners today about the future of this local piece of history.

This summer would be the sixty-fourth season for the Huntington Drive In.

John and Nelly Detzler have owned it since two-thousand one.

"In '04 we added, we brought in a gas line and put two deep fryers and a gas griddle,” Detzler says.

And immediately expanded.

"And then in 2011, we, May of 2011 is when the second screen opened,” Detzler says.

And it's paid off.

The past four years were their best ever.

But that could end this Sunday.

That's because the Detzler's are retiring and the drive in along with the 17 acres of land it sits on, is all up for auction.

"You have to enjoy being outdoors, like we are now, and whether it's nice and sunny and seventy, or whether it's forty and cloudy, and drizzle and rain, or whether it's ninety and hot and humid,” Detzler says.

So now, all they need is a buyer.

And all I need is some popcorn.

"It has potential. You can add a third screen if you wanted to,” Detzler says.

The auction is this Sunday at the drive in at two.

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