New Gadget that Will Solve Distracted Driving

Published 04/19 2013 11:19AM

Updated 04/19 2013 11:28AM

With the roadways as slick as they are, it is important for drivers to focus on the road.  As 6,000 deaths and 500,000 injuries are caused each year by distracted drivers including texting.

WFFT spoke with experts at the McMillan Health Center on how to put down the phone and concentrate on the road.  Therapist Miles Nitz tells us that little gadget that we call a cell phone may be one of the most dangerous things you own.

"I have seen in the past few years people getting addicted to cell phone usage."

Drivers are spending part of their day or almost the whole day driving for work, and Nitz says it starts with the way that we think...

"because there are certain thoughts that make us pick up the phone."

He says it starts with educating people about the overuse of cell phone usage and one mother agrees.  She says she is having her children help her break the bad habit.

"I am getting out of the habit so I tell them to yell at me and tell me to put it away."

Experts tell us breaking that habit can actually help save a life.

There is even a new app called the "Drive First App", by Sprint which locks your phone will you text and drive to stop yourself in your tracks.

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