New Fire Chief Sworn In

Published 06/02 2014 05:41PM

Updated 06/03 2014 08:22AM

Fort Wayne officially welcomes a new leader for the city's fire department. Eric Lahey has been promoted to fire chief. This all comes after the sudden resignation of previous fire chief Amy Biggs just two weeks ago.

A room full of friends, colleagues and family witnessed a moment in Fort Wayne’s history. This afternoon the 22nd Fire Chief of Fort Wayne has been made official. New Fire Chief Eric Lahey took to oath saying he will perform his duties to the best of his ability.

"You know it’s overwhelming to have this many members of the department, my family and the citizens show up to show me support. It really puts it into perspective for me of what I’m here to do which is serve, and I’m going to do the best job that I can," said Lahey.

Lahey's wife Sarah of 20 years felt honored to be included in the ceremony.

"I’m so excited for him he really earned it and deserves it,” she said. “It’s great to see him grow into that role. He's given a challenge and he meets it head on."

Today, they celebrate, but soon Lahey will be busy with work. He says some of the first changes will be made to his staff of leaders.

"We can’t just be leaders we have to serve the public so being a servant leader being able to understand when it’s our time to lead and when it’s our time to serve is important. Having compassion for the citizens of Fort Wayne understand their needs and anticipating them," said Lahey.

Lahey admits he wanted the position last time around when Chief Biggs was chosen. He stood right by her side when she was sworn in, but now it’s his turn.

"He’s been in a lot of different roles in the fire department so it’s great to see him grow into that role," said Mrs. Lahey.

Lahey has a long resume of positions and accomplishments within the department since joining 18 years ago.

"I think all those things combined have rounded me out so that I’ll be able to be successful as a fire chief," said Lahey.

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