New 911 Dispatch Center to Open February 4th


Published 01/15 2014 11:53AM

Updated 01/15 2014 12:00PM

On February 4th, the City of Fort Wayne and Allen County will begin using their state of the art 911 Dispatch Center.  Officials invited media to tour the dispatch location and view the new technology.

The City of Fort Wayne and Allen County are working to make response times to 911 calls even faster.  They have joined together to create this new center that combines communication for the City of Fort Wayne and Allen County all together in the same room.

"When someone calls 911, they want to know that their concern is being addressed and that care is on the way."

In the old location, the basement of the Rousseau Centre, County and City Dispatch were separated by a wall.  Director Tim Lee explains why that system was inefficient.

"The County would be dispatching on one side, and they would literally have to transfer the call to the city side.  Be it police, fire, EMS, would have to transfer it back and forth.  So it's not as much of a breakdown, but a communication delay was created."

Beginning February 4th, all systems will be moved upstairs to the 6th floor of the Rousseau Centre and in the same room.  Fort Wayne Fire Department Chief Amy Biggs says this collaboration will make calls even more efficient.

"Just across the distance of a desk from each other, to be able to communicate a need.  So if we say, we need to bring the Allen County Fire Department up on standby, they just turn their chair and say 'Hey Fort Wayne is calling for you'."

One of the main components to the new center is a lighting system, that can make everyone else in the room immediately aware that the dispatcher is dealing with a volatile situation, and may need assistance from their supervisor and other departments.

"A call coming in, whether it's City or County, it's going to be answered.  Services are going to be deployed to your area, and you're going to receive that assistance just as soon as possible."

In an emergency, every second counts.

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