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Published 07/29 2013 09:55PM

Updated 08/08 2013 10:54AM

We've shown you a local company that tests orthopedic parts.

And today, for Locally Made Monday, a Fort Wayne company that makes them for patients across the country.

WFFT's Andrew Logsdon brings us this week's Locally Made Monday report.

Fort Wayne's Nemcomed makes parts and tools that help create mechanical joints- like knees, hips and other artificial body parts.

And as they grow, they're keeping business right here in the orthopedic hub of northeast Indiana.

"We're one hundred percent orthopedic. So we're making parts for knees, hips, spine and other extremities," say Nemcomed Vice President of Operations Rick Link.

Nemcomed came to Fort Wayne in 2006, and is one of four companies under the banner of Avalign- a national medical supplier.

The Fort Wayne plant makes many of the parts and tools that go into prosthetic parts- and for them, precision is key.

"We're machining things to smaller than the width of a human hair. I mean, the tolerances are extremely tight. I guess the best way to describe it is the parts that are going into your bodies as implants- they've got to be perfect," says Link.

Many of their suppliers- and client companies- are in northeast Indiana, in the Warsaw area.

Other clients are implanting those parts in patients across the country.
Link says it brings in outside dollars- and keeps the money right here- keeping costs low.

"We'll utilize people as close as we can because that helps with our costs, keeps the business here in northeast Indiana, and we don't have the freight charges as well," Link says.

And keeps the company- and all one hundred twenty employees- right here in Fort Wayne.

It's the reason it came here in the first place.

"Really come to an area with a little bit more population. We used to have a facility in Hicksville, Ohio, so we have a little bit bigger population to draw expertise from. That was the primary factor," Link says.

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