Neighborhood Hosts Gang Awareness Night


Published 06/19 2014 09:03AM

Updated 06/19 2014 09:11AM

One local neighborhood has had enough of the gangs, violence, and drugs...and hosted a fun event at Hamilton Park to raise awareness of these issues.

Neighbors in the North Highlands area are joining together to work with local police to help keep their neighborhoods safe, because as one neighbor told us, it takes a village coming together to see results.

Hamilton Park gang and drug awareness committee pastor Tim Hallman talks about recent drug activity. "Kind of shocked that gangs were involved with that drug bust. We knew there had been some gangs in the neighborhood, some drug houses. But not gang activity."

Hallman says the neighborhood associations want to have a united front against crime. "If we all come together, we let the gang members know. You can't do whatever you want, we're not scared, we're not going to retreat back into our homes. At the same time, the neighborhood is stronger because of them, not weaker."

This event brought a lot of fun, but also introduced neighbors to police officers they can contact if they see something suspicious.

"I've talked to half a dozen people already who have said hey, i have a drug house that's down the street from me. Or my neighbor has told me about something going on down the street. It's very important for us to be able to talk to people that don't know how to contact us, or who may be too afraid to leave a message on the phone."

Korey Hart has small children and says it's reassuring to see so many neighbors coming together today. "It shows that the community wants to do something together, and they want to make sure it's safe for other kids to come play."

Crystal Bush says gathering people to talk about the issues is a blessing."I love the spirit of unity that is here today. Even though it rained, it didn't stop this parade. It just shows you how committed people are to working together to make Fort Wayne the best city in Indiana."

Officers want to stress, that if you see something suspicious, no matter what neighborhood you live in, to tell the police.

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