Nasal Spray NARCAN Saves Life in Heroin Overdose


Published 08/11 2014 09:40PM

Updated 08/12 2014 08:13AM

“My son, he would have been the last person that I would ever believe that would try this drug,” said Forrest Pinson.

Forrest Pinson knows first hand the harsh effects of heroin and he said that NARCAN should be something all police should have.

“As the parent I’m all for it because once you lose your child there’s a lot of things you would have changed. Don’t you wish you could have this choice now before your child is dead?” said Pinson.

NARCAN, regularly a prescription drug, is what the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department was able to use to save a man last Friday from overdosing on Heroin.

Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey explained that each kit is $25 and used as a nasal spray which responds to the drug suppressing the respiratory system.

“Shot a little bit up into each nostril and it will knock the heroin off the receptors in the brain and the person we did it on within about 10 seconds was responding to it,” said Sheriff Grey.

Sheriff Grey said the heroin problem isn’t worse in Mercer County than anywhere else, but they are making people more aware of the issues.

Alex Glasgow said that heroin has been a problem for a long time and it’s this generation’s drug and says that the police can’t completely get a hold of the issue.

“The police aren’t in people’s homes. They’re not in peoples minds and it takes that person to decide they don’t want to be involved with that,” said Glasgow.

Heather Garman thinks NARCAN is not helpful and will only increase the problem.

“I honestly don’t think it should be used because the more people using it then they’ll think its okay that they can continue using it because they will be saved every time. Once an addict and they can be saved over and over then they will keep using,” said Garman.

However, Glasgow said there is no reason that the police should not have NARCAN in their possession at all times.

“If it can save someone’s life you know why not,” said Glasgow.

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