Movement in Collective Bargaining Continues


Published 05/28 2014 11:15AM

Updated 05/28 2014 11:38AM

We continue our coverage of the collective bargaining debate where the Fort Wayne Council discussed the Mayor's proposal for an objective study before making a decision on whether or not to do away with collective bargaining.

The controversial debate over collective bargaining continued at the City Council meeting as Councilmen John Crawford and Russ Yale reinforced their position saying they are responsible for the taxpayers while other councilmen believe the City needs to exhaust all options before making a decision.

Collective bargaining allows union workers to have a voice and as we heard in regards to Mayor Henry's objective assessment, Glynn Hines mentioned that there has been an underwhelming amount of support for this study.

There are 3 ordinances up for discussion, however the only ordinance that was up for vote was the first one, discussing the collective bargaining with city employees who are not public safety employees.

That ended in a 7-2 vote in favor of bringing just that ordinance up for discussion next week before the Mayor is able to vote.

Now all 6 Republicans did vote to pass the ordinance with 1 Democrat voting with them.

Councilman John Shoaf explained himself to the crowd primarily make of union workers who showed their emotions when he voted this way.  He explained that in order to motion it back to the table, he had to side with the majority.

The final votes will be on the table on June 10th and the Mayor will then have 10 days max to make his decision.  It will then go to June 24th if necessary but as of now, the ordinance holds until June 10th.  WFFT will continue following this heated debate.

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