Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Campaign for May


Published 05/02 2014 09:33AM

Updated 05/02 2014 10:00AM

With the weather getting nicer, a lot of riders are getting their motorcycles out.  The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is launching a motorcycle safety and awareness campaign for the month of May.

Statistics show that a motorcyclist is 30 times more likely to be killed in an accident than someone in a car.

WFFT's Brooke Welch spoke with experts wanting to remind everyone to look twice, to save a life."

Motorcycle season is here and the General Manager of River City Harley Davidson, Don Ehlerding says to look twice for riders.

"Awareness of other drivers is critical."

2/3rds of all motorcycle accidents are not the rider's fault.

"While motorcycles are far more maneuverable, they are not as easily seen as another vehicle so this time of the year as we start heading back out onto the road with our motorcycles, it's certainly appropriate for auto drivers to be more aware or to watch for that headlight."

Tips for motorcycle safety include wearing a no skid jacket and a helmet everytime you ride.  Also, boots and gloves are encouraged as well.  Other tips include...
*Completing an inspection report on your motorcycle.
*Ride in the car track - not the middle of the lane.
*Be extra caution when turning at intersections.
*Be aware of potholes and loose gravel.
*Take a rider safety course.

May kicks off the motorcycle safety campaign by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  Commissioner Don Snemis says raising awareness is essential.

"Maybe think just a little bit more about safety on the roads and what everyone's responsibility is when they are using the highways and biways in Indiana."

Snemis has some tips for drivers as well, "We want to encourage all motorists to take some extra time, check their review mirrors, check their blindspots, be careful what's ahead of them and look out for motorcyclists, not just four wheel vehicles."

If you would like more information on motorcycle safety classes or the motorcycle campaign for the month of May, just click here.

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