Mother Speaks Out About Being Stabbed By Her Own Daughter


Published 08/11 2014 07:01PM

Updated 08/12 2014 08:48AM

One local mom is dealing with a physical and emotional pain that she never thought possible. Being stabbed just a couple of inches above her heart, by her very own daughter.

"She goes I'm really sorry, and I thought she punched me, and that's when she stabbed me."

60 year old Ada Dill says she was on the couch when she was stabbed by her daughter 28 year old Stephanie Nelson.  Dill says she was in shock.
"And that's when I realized I had the cut, and the blood started running."

Dill says Nelson was upset because Dill had asked her to clean up little messes around the house.  "She screamed at the cop, I said I was sorry all right? And then he said something back to her, but I couldn't understand, because the ambulance was here, and they loaded me up and took me."

Dill says she feels like the system has failed her, because her daughter has a history of mental illness
"She's been in and out of the Bowen Center. She's been drugged in there, to where she can't do anything. They keep her sedated, she's doing fine, and then they send her home to me, and this is what I get."

Dill says even thought her daughter had mental issues, Dill didn't want to believe that she would ever hurt her.  "The only thing that keeps going through my mind, and I can still... I thought she punched me, it was when the knife went in. The squishy sound...that's the only thing, I can't get it out of my mind."

Due to HIPPA regulations the sheriff's department can't comment on this case. But Faye tells me after years of trying, she believes her daughter will be transported to a state mental institution where she can get the help she needs.

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