Mediation Day: Solving Disputes and Clearing The Court System

Published 03/27 2014 08:54PM

Updated 03/28 2014 08:41AM


Child support cases, divorces and custody battles are just some of the cases that people will have the chance to settle at Friday's Allen County Mediation Day.

The goal is to clear-up the already clogged court-system and help people resolve their domestic issues.

“It's good for them and it’s good for the court and then those issues are resolved,” said Mediator Liz Brown. Brown is one of the mediators at Friday's Mediation day.

Brown says between 30-50 cases will be seen in an attempt to solve domestic disputes for a fraction of what a trial costs.

“They are coming in and paying a fee of $20-$25,” said Brown.  

The cases selected are ones that the courts feel can be easily solved by one of the mediators.  

“It’s good for the taxpayer because the court system is being used for more serious cases,” said Brown.  

Brown says the Allen County Mediation Day started as a pilot program back in 1998, and then legislation passed allowing all states to develop similar programs

“Some of these issues are relatively simple, so it's nice to have them taken care of outside of the court room because that's expensive and time consuming and it’s more adversarial,” said Brown.  

Mediation day happens four times a year.  The program has been adopted by at least 14 other counties. 

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