Mayor Henry Hears Concerns from the Bloomingdale Community


Published 07/24 2014 09:03PM

Updated 08/01 2014 04:26PM

Thursday night Mayor Tom Henry took his second neighborhood walk of at least four. He said he loves being able to get out and talk with the residents of the community.

Mayor Tom Henry walked the streets of the Bloomingdale Community to hear the concerns of the residents and what they feel he can help them with. Bud Mendenhall, President of Bloomingdale Association, said flyers were put in everyone's mailbox to ensure neighbors would be out for the walk.

Mendenhall said, "He’s walking and we're hoping the people will come out and give him their concerns. That’s what the walk is for.  We let the neighbors decide what their concerns are."

Neighbors have been very pleased with the work Mayor Henry has done in their community. Jean Lauer, a resident of the Bloomingdale Community said she is thrilled he came to their neighborhood.

Lauer said, "People get to see him and know that he really cares about the neighborhoods and what’s going on. Sometimes people don’t care and don’t want to go up to his office or contact him, but to see him in the neighborhood they may well talk to him about things going on where otherwise they wouldn’t."

Some concerns that Mendenhall and Lauer have for the mayor include:

“We need sidewalks we need this which all neighborhoods need," said Mendenhall.

Lauer said, "There’s a tree that’s been bad for a couple years and they have been a little slow taking care of that so they’re going to make sure they get that done."

Neighbors came out of their homes to say “Hi” and shake hands with the Mayor. All the neighbors we spoke with say they are very happy with the Mayor’s work when he was a Councilman for their District and as a Mayor.

Mendenhall said, "He’s been really good to us people here in Bloomingdale, really good."

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