May Primary Election, Meet the Candidates for Districts 83 & 85

Published 03/26 2014 02:13PM

Updated 03/26 2014 02:24PM

The May Primary Election is just 5 weeks away and the local Fort Wayne 9-12 Group held another town hall meeting to introduce the candidates for Indiana House Districts 83 and 85.

District 83, which makes up Whitley County and Aboite Township - Republican Kathy Heuer has held the seat since 2010.

Her challengers are Steven Hively and Christopher Judy, both Republicans.

In House District 85, the Republican Caucus appointed Casey Cox last October after the passing of long time seat holder Phyllis Pond.

He's facing 2 Republicans, Ken Knoblauch and Denny Worman.

WFFT was at the meeting as we asked each candidate what is the key point of their platform...

"Me personally, I think it's left to the state hands.  I think education should be at the state level, not at the federal level.  I think if we had to, we would have Legislators in office.  We would tell them to keep their 11% of federal money and let Hoosiers here decide their own educating system."

"You know, I had a few bills that I filled this year that didn't get hearings in Committee, which is probably a good thing but a couple of them had to do with business and employee expense tax credit issues to further attack the skills gap issue Indiana faces, as well as a new business entity tie that exists in a number of other states."

"The key main point of my platform is servant leadership.  In terms of a leader is not somebody who is a get out of the way sort of person.  It's someone who serves and listens and represents those people that he's trying to represent."

"The same-sex marriage, it should be marriage between one man and one woman.  If I was in that office right there, it would have been the choice of the people, and I would have voted in that way.  It should have went to the ballots, and the ballots should have decided it at that point."

Both Heuer and Hively were unable to be at the meeting due to prior commitments.  WFFT will be tracking the races as we reach the May 6th Primary Election.

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