Man Threatens to Shoot GM Plant

Published 03/10 2014 09:23PM

Updated 03/11 2014 08:27AM


Joseph Guzman Jr. allegedly threatened to shoot employees the Fort Wayne general Motors facility.  

Guzman worked for Caravan Knights, a company that provided janitorial services for the Fort Wayne General Motors plant.   He was fired back in 2012 but according to court documents he was still holding a grudge. 

A telemarketer with Insurance Protection Specialists called Guzman to try and sell him life insurance. Guzman allegedly then asked if the policy covered suicide.  The telemarketer explained that most insurance polices don't cover suicide.

That’s when Guzman told the telemarketer that he was going to go into the general motors plant and ‘take some people with him.’  Court Documents say that this wasn’t the first time he’s told people about his plan.  In January he approached a man at a grocery store and said that he was going to shoot the GM plant if he didn’t receive his benefits

Guzman blames his problems on the United Auto worker.  He was booked on an intimidation charge, a class D Felony. 

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