Man Skateboarding From Coast to Coast


Published 06/22 2014 07:42PM

Updated 06/23 2014 10:07AM

Since April an actor and model from New York has been skateboarding his way across the country. He stopped by the Rise skateboard shop in Fort Wayne Sunday, and spoke about why he's making this long journey.

Imagine skateboarding through the dessert, grand canyon, rain, and man decided to film a documentary skateboarding from coast to coast recording the stories of inspiring individuals along the way.

Kevin Kreider had a successful modeling and acting career when he suddenly developed alopecia...a condition that causes all of your hair to fall out. "Really starting to feel my self worth disappear. I felt horrible about myself. Instead of dwelling in it, I decided to take this opportunity and turn it into a positive."

Kreider decided to learn how to skateboard, and on April 15 started his trek from California to New York. "And I had to go through Wyoming, got kicked off route 80. Which is fine, it's illegal anyway to go on an interstate. Now 30 is pretty much going to be my whole route going back to the East coast."

Krieder skates carrying a tent and says this journey has taught him patience. "Been angry at certain things that are uncontrollable like weather, wind, car traffic, conditions of the road. And I realized I've got to do this anyways, this is what I signed up for."

Kreider hopes his journey inspires others. "So people can use this as a reference to do better things with their lives instead of feeling hopeless and paralyzed by a situation. Just like I did, and other people that I've met."

If you would like to follow the last 800 miles of kreider's 4,000 mile can go to his facebook page,

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