Locals Dig Their Way Out of Snowstorm

By BROOKE WELCH | bwelch@wfft.com

Published 03/13 2014 02:18PM

Updated 03/13 2014 02:26PM

WFFT's Brooke Welch went around the city to find out how people are digging themselves out of the recent snowstorm.

Residents in our viewing area woke up to an all too familiar site.  Inches upon inches of snow.

"Perpetual winter that's never going to end."

"Winter has overstayed its welcome and it's time for spring."

"Well, when I looked out the window this morning, I thought it's not that bad, but then I come out here to let my dog outside and I had to shovel for a little potty pathway.  I'm like 'snap!'"

The snowstorm puts totals at over 70 inches of snow for the season which means a lot of shoveling has taken place this year.

"I think I lost 25 pound on the ultra shovel out diet."

"I think I need to get a shovel and try to shovel more, to see if that does anything, but it not I'm stuck again."

Ryan Harvey's car being stuck in a snow drift seems to be a regular occurrence for him this winter.

"The first blizzard I was stuck in my house for like 5 days and until someone had to come help me shovel it out.  My car was just buries and the plows just buried my car up against the side of the street."

"Least favorite, cars sliding around, cars getting stuck."

With the roads being so terrible, Amy Hartzog walked over 3 miles to get to work.

"It's always important to get to work, it's just a matter of functioning adults.  Yes, very important."

With a resounding "yes", everyone WFFT interviewed is ready for spring.

"Well, I guess we could look at this proactively and build yet another snowman or we could all just pack up and move to Florida."

"Ready for some sunshiny beach weather."

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