Locally Made Monday - Taylor Studio of Taxidermy

By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 06/22 2014 03:12PM

Updated 06/24 2014 08:34AM

Each week on Locally Made Monday we get a look inside a company or business making products right here.

Tonight, we mix that with a bit of unique art.

Local taxidermist Robert Taylor has been creating art out of nature for nearly forty years, and he's doing it all out of his shop in Ossian.

Taylor runs the Taylor Studio of Taxidermy, and it's more than just commemorating animals.

An avid outdoorsman- he's trying to make nature stand the test of time.

The best way to prove that you caught 'the big one' is to show it off.

Robert Taylor has been recreating moments like these since the seventies.

"I wanted to make some kind of career in art. Always loved the outdoors. Always loved the wildlife and the different museums and stuff like that. Went hunting and fishing and stuff like that. So somewhere along the line I thought that taxidermy would be a form of art I could make a living at,” Taylor says.

He specializes in animals native to Indiana and Ohio- deer, birds, cats, and especially fish.

"I make most of my own bodies, they lose all of their color, so they've got to be completely painted, every scale mark and everything you see on there has been painted,” Taylor says.

His work rotates around the hunting seasons- re-creating fish, then game, and other animals.

The work, he says, goes fast, but there's a lot of steps.

"Then it has to be skinned and flushed and salted. It's dried out and gets shipped off to a tannery. When it comes back from a tannery, a nice, tan skin, I'll then order the form and stuff that I need, that's what the skin's going to go over. It's basically a sculpture,” Taylor says.

A natural sculpture commemorating nature in its glory.

He says you'll usually have your piece back in about six months.

But it lasts a lifetime.

And that timelessness draws customers from across the region.

"Canada, but I've had customers come in from southern Indiana, I've had customers come in from Michigan and Ohio, from Chicago... How they find me, I don't know, but they have, but most of it is regional,” Taylor says.

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