Locally Made Monday - Sweets So Geek

By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 06/08 2014 07:01PM

Updated 06/10 2014 08:52AM

Imagine eating a caramel-filled chocolate Han Solo called a 'Han Rolo.'

Fort Wayne-based Sweets So Geek is making chocolates and other goods with a sci-fi or comics theme.

It’s this week's Locally Made Monday report.

Chad and Heather Seewald started making their goodies out of a love for geek culture.

Through the internet and local sales, they've expanded it from a hobby to a national phenomenon.

"We got started as a hobby. We created a Han Solo in carbonite in chocolate filled with caramel, we called him a Han Rolo, and we just gave it away as a Christmas present to friends and family,” Chad Seewald says.

Little did they know three years ago that their gifts would be the idea they've been looking for.

"And gave it to a friend who owns intergalactic toys here in town and he loved it. Thought we should start selling them, so we did,” Seewald says.

The Seewalds started an Etsy shop online two years ago- selling the star-wars themed chocolates- before expanding to other geek-related candies- like brain truffles, cookies and cakes.

"The biggest seller we have is the bacon bite, which is bacon, peanuts and chocolate. Nothing goes better than bacon with anything,” Seewald says.

In all- twenty-two different types of chocolates- including their non-geek line- Sweets So Chic.

"We are mainly an internet company. So we can ship nationwide. We have an Etsy website, our own website, sweetssogeek.com. Locally, we partner with a lot of vendors. Clem’s collectables is the main one right now,” Seewald says.

And soon, local comics and game stores.

It's all homemade inside their kitchen in downtown Fort Wayne, and Seewald says it's a local event.

"We like to partner with mainly local companies if at all possible, and even source a lot of our items locally. We find it's super important. We're small scale, and all the help we get is local,” Seewald says.

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