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By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 04/27 2014 08:04PM

Updated 04/29 2014 09:20AM

Imagine working for a company creating special projects for our own military and government.

Sky Sight Technologies is doing that right here in Fort Wayne, and they're making some pretty cool stuff.

They're the only small business in the region taking on government contracts.

It's done through the small business innovation research program, and their innovations are helping to make major discoveries.

"So we have developed a system where you can harvest human odors, and you circulate them and attract mosquitos,” says president Pat McCammon.

It might sound strange, but it's a typical day of work at sky sight technologies.

This current project is a mosquito trap for the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research to study malaria.

"And the idea is that human odor, always has been apparently, and always will be, and none of the other artificial traps and baits work that well,” McCammon says.

It's one of many projects for the government they bid on, and beat out numerous companies across the country.

"They publish them three times a year, they publish topics where they have a unique problem that they don't know how to solve,” McCammon says.

It's led them to create products like this trawl-proof underwater sensor or this pole cutter.

And the mosquito trap.

Six employees make everything right here in Fort Wayne, but the work sends them across the world.

"We go to the ocean quite a bit, and for our mosquito trap, we have to test it where the malaria is, so we have to demonstrate that we catch the actual malaria-laden mosquitos,” McCammon says.

It's taken them to Thailand, and soon Kenya and Peru.

"A small company has a lot of advantages. It's a pretty lean structure, and we all kind of chip in and do what it takes to do. It allows us to be pretty competitive against larger companies,” McCammon says.

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