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By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 03/24 2014 06:59PM

Updated 03/25 2014 09:29AM

Every car on the road today has safety measures and parts installed in them to keep you and your family safe.

Many of the parts used to test car safety are built right here in northeast Indiana.

It’s this week's Locally Made Monday report.

Out in Columbia City, QIG LLC  manufactures gages that allow auto makers around the world to get exact measurements on their parts.

And that exactness is key to safety.

This machine at the QIG factory in Columbia City is making a metal gage.

"And what we do there is a lot of inspection work. We build custom gages, for mainly the automotive industry,” says QIG president Kelly Geiger.

Somewhere around the planet- someone will use it to make a car safer.

"For the automotive industry, you'll have a part that is being manufactured. And to make sure that part is in spec, they have a gage that will be sitting at the work station, that the employees can put the part on and check different parts of the component to see if it's going to be in spec,” Geiger says.

Geiger and her husband bought the company in 2009.

Making it, like their other company- Accutech Mold and Machine- a woman-owned business.

In those five years, they began creating airbag testing fixtures.

"You have airbags in your car and we make a fixture that they can put these airbags on, and deploy them, in house, and make sure that those air bags are going to work like they are supposed to,” Geiger says.

All made by the plant's 25 employees, the parts are sent across the country and the world.

"Your air bags are the most important part in your vehicle. They want to make sure a hundred percent of their air bags go off. They don't want one percent to not. What if your family was in that one percent?" Geiger says.

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