Locally Made Monday - Poptique

By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 08/10 2014 08:38PM

Updated 08/12 2014 09:26AM

Tonight on Locally Made Monday we have another success story.

Last year, we featured the Columbia City-based popcorn company Kernel Coladas in this spot.

Since then, it has re-branded, and expanded into Fort Wayne.

And sales keep popping.

It's changed its name to Poptique, and in the past few months, opened a new store in Fort Wayne's Jefferson Point.

Owner Lindsey Hively says business tastes just as good.

Back in December, we introduced you to Kernal Coladas- a popcorn store in Columbia City.

Today it's now known as Poptique, and business won't stop popping.

"We really wanted to rebrand with something that fit our target audience, and that really spoke to popcorn,” Hively says.

And it's grown to Fort Wayne.

"In June this year, we opened our second location for Poptique popcorn here in Jefferson Point. So we're still popping up, we have our Columbia City location as well, so we're just expanding and betting serving or target in northeast Indiana,” Hively says.

Hively says the staff has tripled in the past month.

And sales have responded as well.

It might also have to do with the new flavors.

"We're focusing more on the weddings now, so we've got some products that you can come in and pick up. We've got wedding cake popcorn, with a bridal gown on it, and a tuxedo to match. So a lot of brides have been picking those up for bridal showers and their weddings and we even do baby shower favors now, that you can come in and pick up,” Hively says.

Hively says being featured on Locally Made Monday helped drive the current success of her company.

"We always have people coming in right after our feature, and then even months after the fact people will come in and say i saw you on the news, and they just remember it. So it's been really great for us. We've gotten a lot of good exposure from that, which I'm sure has played a huge part in helping our business grow and even getting into Jefferson Point,” Hively says.

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