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By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 08/12 2013 04:05PM

Updated 08/13 2013 09:11AM

It's in the treadmill plastic you're sweating on at the gym- and it's inside the plastic tubing inside your office's beverage machine.

It's a permanent anti-microbial coating- it's reducing your risk of infections- and one local producer, Polyfusion, makes it for plastic companies across the globe.

WFFT’s Andrew Logsdon has this week's Locally Made Monday report.

In Angola, in this little warehouse here, they're making many of the products that help keep you safe on many of the products that you use- in your home, at work, even at play.

"This is a respirator tube, as Denny said, it came out of Canada... We've got tubing used in various beverage dispensers... This is what you make artificial turf with,” says Polyfusion’s Tom Ward.

All this plastic is made with an antimicrobial compound- made here at Polyfusion in Angola.

"The interest there is some mold, mildew aspects, but a lot of it is health of the people playing on the field,” says Ward.

Their compound is sold to plastics makers across the world.

And once it becomes a part of something- it helps to fight germs from forming on whatever that plastic is made into.

"Our mission is to add value to plastics by providing a very robust and permanent antimicrobial technology that can very easily be incorporated into the plastics product,” says Polyfusion’s Denny Springer.

It's in synthetic leathers, gym mats, exercise equipment and many medical products- adding an extra line of protection beyond sterilization.

They do business with companies in the U.K. and China.

"We have customers in New Zealand, and in Australia, and again some are domestic manufacturing,” says Springer.

Polyfusion started in 2009 with just the two employees.

Bringing global dollars into our local economy.

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