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By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 11/11 2013 10:11PM

Updated 11/12 2013 08:52AM

When it comes to jewelry, many people want that personal touch.

In this week's edition of Locally Made Monday, WFFT’s Andrew Logsdon found a real diamond in the rough.

It’s this week's Locally Made Monday.

You could go to a jewelry store- pick one out, and hope you, or your special someone, likes what they have.

Pacula Designs in downtown Fort Wayne takes the guesswork out of that.

And owner Rich Pacula says he's the only custom jeweler in the city.

"Now people, they see it and they feel like they don't even have to try it on,” Pacula says.

Rich Pacula has been in the jewelry business for thirty years.

Ten years ago, he opened Pacula designs- a one-of-a-kind custom jewelry store- tucked inside downtown Fort Wayne.

"We do custom designs. Primarily engagement rings, wedding rings, some pendants... But ninety-five percent is engagement rings,” Pacula says.

His studio and shop are inside the lobby of the First Source Bank building on Main Street, and is available by appointment only.

That's because, he says the point is to meet with people and design their dream accessory.

"They bring me pictures, and then we modify the pictures, and then we have the pictures sent out to a cad designer, who does computer drawings. And then it’s manufactured, and this way the bride gets a one-of-a-kind piece,” Pacula says.

Pacula says he believes the industry is heading in this direction.

"Right now, brides, they want that. They don't want to buy anything off the shelf. They want a one-of-a-kind custom piece,” Pacula says.

It begins with drawings of the custom piece.

Pacula goes over every detail.

"How it starts is they bring in a drawing... And then we start to sketch and make all the kind of changes a woman wants,” Pacula says.

The sketches and changes are emailed to L.A.

Where the computer designer creates 3-D images of each piece- Ready to create.

"It first comes back like this. It shows all the views, all dimensions of the piece,” Pacula says.

With the final rendering, each piece is crafted and finished.

From the idea in your head- to the paper in your hand- ending with the ring on your finger.

So if you'd like to make an appointment, or check out what they can do-

Find it at—

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