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By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 07/27 2014 08:16PM

Updated 07/29 2014 06:43AM

People like their coffee.

And a Fort Wayne-based company is changing the rules for how you get a hot cup of joe.

Modbar has redesigned the espresso bar- and it's unlike anything you've ever seen.

Modbar is this week's Locally Made Monday report.

Most people want their coffee their way.

And Modbar's unique coffee bar design allows that for both the coffee drinker and the cafe brewing up the hot treat.

And they're doing it right here.

"I like the idea of making more room for education on the bar and getting anything that's unnecessary out of the way for that experience to happen,” says co-founder Corey Waldron.

For Waldron, coffee is more than the drink- it's the experience.

Modbar has broken up all preconceived notions about how coffee is made.

"Our machines are like the transformers of espresso machines. We've basically taken apart the, taken apart the traditional espresso machines and made the components more, a more modular system,” Waldron says.

The system is three separate taps- a water dispenser for pour over and single serve coffee- an espresso tap- and a steamer.

And each is its own fully programmable component behind and under the bar.

The idea came from an original machine with everything bundled together.

"And what we found out in the process was that the customers wanted, they didn't necessarily want the same configuration that we had envisioned. So Modbar was born out of the idea that of freeing that assembly up so that the customer had a full choice in the matter as to how the machine was laid out and integrated into their bar,” Waldron says.

The idea has poured out across the globe- as Modbar has machines in local stores and stores around the world.

"Our customers vary from cafe chain stores to individual mom and pop cafes, roasters, some are used in a lab type of environment in a roaster,” Waldron says.

Employees say they're brewing up the future of coffee.

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