Locally Made Monday - Knight Mechanical Testing

Published 07/01 2013 05:37PM

Updated 07/02 2013 08:51AM

Knight Mechanical Testing started six years ago as a small testing lab.

And today- has grown into an international medical testing lab.

WFFT's Andrew Logsdon has this week's Locally Made Monday.

At knight mechanical testing they test out orthopedic products and much of what they've tested is setting medical standards around the world.

"We do implant and instrument testing for FDA submissions and research development products," says Knight Manufacturing Testing President Kevin Knight.

Knight, his brother, and their friend used to work in the test lab at Dana Corporation in Fort Wayne.

In 2006, they opened their own lab, focusing on the region's nationally-recognized orthopedics industry.

"We test everything literally, from head to toe. We do toe implants, all the way up to cranium exo-facial repair and everything in between. Hip, knees, spine, extremities, and pretty much anything orthopedic related," Knight says.

Knight says nearby Warsaw is the capital of orthopedics development in the U.S., and his testing lab is the only one in the region.

Companies around the world have noticed- and are using KMT to gain certification.

"The international customers, they want to sell product in the United States. So they send it to a domestic test lab to be tested, so that they can have testing done by a U.S. lab as part of their 510(k) submission," Knight says.

They now have six test engineers, all of which are local grads, or came from local companies.

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