Locally Made Monday - Great Heights Furniture

By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 11/18 2013 03:29PM

Updated 11/19 2013 08:53AM

Sometimes it can take a business years to grow like a tree.

WFFT’s Andrew Logsdon found a local business that is seeing it's growth- when those trees fall down.

A local furniture artist uses fallen or reclaimed trees to make high-end tables and chairs in her studio.

It's this week's edition of Locally Made Monday.

Megan Painter just started making her hand-crafted tables in the past few months.

She says her product is going to make its debut at the upcoming Holly Pop festival in downtown Fort Wayne.

"I just really love the raw edges of trees. I love trees and I want to bring that inside and make furniture out of it,” Painter says.

It's that natural love that led painter to start great heights furniture.

And she finds all of her wood naturally.

"Actually all of them have been trees that have been found dead standing or are already fallen, and died of disease or something like that,” Painter says.

She takes those logs to two local sawmills who cut them into pieces like these.

"Find the tree, get it cut, and then it goes through drying for a month, two months, something like that,” Painter says.

After that drying period, she gets to work- cutting and sanding them into tables and chairs like this.

"And then I get it back and I cut it down. I have some special methods,” Painter says.

Once complete- they go to sale.

And some are about to show up in local stores.

"I already have product in a shop in downtown Fort Wayne. They haven't had their grand opening yet, so I'm waiting for that,” Painter says.

That store is 'A Green Frog.'

And it opens in a couple weeks during Fort Wayne's Holly Pop.

"I'm gearing up for Holly Pop right now actually, with getting product ready and everything, and then once holly pop is done, there will still be table left over. This is a high-end product. I'll go live on the web and stuff like that,” Painter says.

For Painter, there's no tabling her future.

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