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By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 12/30 2013 08:23PM

Updated 12/31 2013 09:09AM

There is a new company that is looking to change the way you look at greeting cards- and how you send them.

In fact, the cards are designed to be reusable.

Full Frame is this week's Locally Made Monday.

Just about every part of them is local.

Full Frame is a company making seasonal greeting cards.

The company uses local products and sells them inside local stores.

"The images are all local, iconic, they're going to be printed on archival paper,” says Full Frame founder Toni Mayo.

These pictures were taken here in the region in the 1940s.

Mayo calls this one 'Creepy Santa Claus,’ and it's launching her new line of reusable cards.

"But the twist about my card- it's a multipurpose card. Which means today, it's a Christmas card, but next week it might be a, 'Hi, it's an Andrew card,’” Mayo says.

Or whatever your name is.

The picture is removable- it comes with extra notecards and two envelopes.

So when you give it away, they can change it out, and send it to another person.

"You can be as creative as you want with this card. And I want to give people the opportunity to be creative, but I want a card to have a second life,” Mayo says.

She plans to release several more cards for upcoming holidays.

And just about everything in the card comes from right here.

She gets recycled paper from one company-

"All the paper is cast-off, but it is all beautiful, high-quality paper,” Mayo says.

And the Hedgehog Press, featured in a prior 'Locally Made Monday,'

-does the offset printing for the cards.

"Keeping every part of this card local, it means my dollars that I use go to help other businesses,” Mayo says.

You can find her cards locally at the Hedgehog Press or at Nature's Corner.

And after you buy them, Mayo says she hopes you pass them on.

You can also email her about the cards as well.

You can reach Toni Mayo at fullframefw@gmail.com

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