Locally Made Monday - Father John's Brewing Company

By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 07/06 2014 05:02PM

Updated 07/08 2014 12:32PM

For over a hundred years it served as a church build for congregations in Bryan, Ohio.

Today, it has been converted to a banquet hall, high-end restaurant and do-it-yourself brew house.

After a complete renovation the former Methodist and Baptist church is now a hotspot in downtown Bryan.

The old organ still plays inside the sanctuary.

Originally built in 1895, it has housed numerous congregations.

"We were concerned about what's going to happen to the building. We've had two or three old churches in town torn down. So we decided that would not happen to this originally Methodist church,” says owner Doctor John Trippy.

After several years, and several thousand dollars, former surgeon trippy has converted the historic building into a restaurant, events center and brewery called father john's brewing company.

Upstairs in the sanctuary- a complete overhaul.

"All the ceilings were peeling, paint was coming off the walls, the incredible stained glass windows are still there, and they're beautiful,” Trippy says.

Today, the sanctuary hosts holiday services and weddings and can be rented for banquets and events.

Beneath all this downstairs- a natural and organic restaurant that a Toledo publication rated five stars.

"This bar is a church, so everything had some thought as to a religion or a meaning. So very little here is just thrown in. There's generally a symbolism or something related to it,” Trippy says.

Most of its produce is grown on site or in its nearby garden.

And its meat comes from Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve in Fremont, Indiana, which Trippy owns.

"In all the old places in Europe, most places, old churches had places where they grew their own crops. So around our walls, you'll see, and inside, we grow a lot of our own herbs, etcetera, etcetera,” Trippy says.

Beyond that is the brewing operation, where father john's offers sixteen in-house brews.

And you can even make your own.

"You come in here, we have six kettles, and you'd make an appointment to brew any sort of beer you want. We've got a whole bunch of recipes. We let you try out our little samplers,” Trippy says.

They help you make fifteen gallons of beer in hours.

Then they sit in kegs for two weeks fermenting.

"Then you would come back and bottle your beer, and put the label on it, and you end up with seventy-two twenty-two ounce bottles of beer that you brewed,” Trippy says.

He says it's an experience straight from heaven.

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