Locally Made Monday - DeBrand Chocolate

Published 06/24 2013 06:40PM

Updated 06/25 2013 09:11AM

One of our local companies sells its chocolate across the country- and now has that chocolate covering the world.

WFFT'S Andrew Logsdon tells us how in this week's Locally Made Monday.

This week, we're at Debrand Chocolates here in Fort Wayne.

Now you may be familiar with them, with their internet sales, their catalogues, and their stores here in the region.

But did you know-they're expanding those stores world-wide.

Debrand Chocolate has been a fixture in northeast Indiana for a quarter century.

It started small, and has grown rapidly.

"When I started, there was only maybe six employees in the whole company- and now we have close to over one hundred. We only had one store at the time, and now we have four," says Kitchen Operations Manager Diane Lampe.

Three in Fort Wayne, and now a fourth-
In Kuwait.

"We were approached a couple of years ago by an individual from Kuwait, who was very interested in bringing over our chocolates over to the middle east," says Media and Customer Service Manager Josh Wickersham.

Employees say international travelers tried it here, and wanted to bring it back there.

"And so they'll come to the United States and they're excited to have something from the states over there. Not many of them are familiar, with Indiana so much, so it was really interesting to get the chance to educate them," Wickersham says.

Something employees say makes them proud.

"It means so much to me that we attract people, not only from Fort Wayne and surrounding areas, but across the country. I've given tours to people from Washington, from Maine, even people from Australia and Japan," says tour guide Melissa Fuller."

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