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By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 08/26 2013 10:07PM

Updated 08/27 2013 09:12AM

You know all those political signs you see every year around Fort Wayne?

Nearly all of them are made by the same local company.

The business also makes much of the signage you see in stores across the country.

We have more on this week's Locally Made Monday.

Custom Arts Screen Printing made its first sign back in 1962.

Sixty years later- they've revolutionized advertising in northeast Indiana, and have taken it to a national level.

"Locally, we do Lassus Brothers, Marathon stations… if you go to any convenience store and see any of the Pepsi stuff, you'll see our static clings, our accordion signs, our dye-cut bottles..." says Custom Arts Screen Printing Owner and President Teresa Sutton.

Custom Art Screen Printing saw the signs sixty years ago when it opened in Fort Wayne- taking a hold of local print advertising.

Utilizing its massive five-color screen printing machine- and combining it with digital printing- its creating signs and in-store advertising for companies and products across the region.

Today, it has branched out to national clients.

And last year, became a certified woman-owned business.

"The opportunity and the options that are out there these days. And being woman-owned certified, has opened the doors for large corporations and government contracts for us,” Sutton says.

And those campaign signs you see each election year?

"We do print a lot of political signs. The majority of the ones you'll see out on the roads we have printed,” Sutton says.

And that national impact goes further.

After the 9/11 attacks, custom art created these bumper stickers- for free.

"They produced them and gave them all to the fire department to raise money. They tried to do it anonymously- and they sold them for five or ten dollars apiece I believe. They ended up raising over ninety-seven thousand dollars for the 9/11- the New York Fire Department and Police Department,” Sutton says.

Custom Arts is hoping for its first TV commercial- and it could be a big one.

It's in the Intuit Small Business 'Super Bowl' Commercial contest- where the winner gets a free ad during the 'Big Game.'

We have links to their website and Facebook page right here—

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