Locally Made Monday - Critter Clean

By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 08/31 2014 02:57PM

Updated 09/02 2014 10:20AM

Cleaning up after your pets is sometimes a messy business.

Tonight we're taking a look at Fort Wayne company that's making your pet's business their business.

Critter Clean takes a few simple ingredients and is hoping to transform the pet industry.

Critter Clean is this week's Locally Made Monday.

After her poodle's latest litter of eleven puppies, Linda Mast realized her old pet pads didn't work.

So three years ago she developed her own.

"We make an all-green biodegradable pet waste product. There just wasn't anything out there like it,” Mast says.

And it's easy.

They buy scrap office paper and mix it with baking soda and water to create a pulp.

She molds and bakes them into these squares.

"I just had to come up with something. And it works great with small animals too, your hamsters and your reptiles- just anything small, it's great,” Mast says.

And she says it works better than anything else.

"The people out at the small business center at IPFW tested it and it came out number one. It was very, very absorbent,” mast says.

She started production out of her home, and this past April moved into the Fort Wayne Urban Enterprise Center.

Critter clean is a certified woman owned business.

"It's great having your own business, it's great rolling up your sleeves and getting into work, and it's great having your family. Eventually I'd like to be able to hire some handicapped people to come in and help,” Mast says.

You can find critter clean pet pads at several local health and pet stores.

Mast says she plans to expand into national stores in the future.

"Once I get the funding that I need, I can expand and make more product, I can get in with the big guys,” Mast says.

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