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By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 02/03 2014 10:02PM

Updated 02/04 2014 09:31AM

Now here's a bright idea.

Berne, Indiana, is known for its furniture and home accessories.

One company in the area is lighting the way for home furnishings.

WFFT has this week's Locally Made Monday.

And the flame isn't going out for this company either.

C.R. Designs has been in Berne for over twenty years.

And fifteen years ago, started making electric candles.

They've been such a hit internationally- it's waxing up a bright future.

No one wants a candle to flicker out.

As long as you have extra batteries, these ones won't.

And they're big business for C.R. Designs.

"Started doing small things like furniture and shelves and accessories, and now we've branched out and now mainly do candles. And we do the electric version candles. So it's a two-piece system with a base and a sleeve and they're changeable,” says owner Cindy Reusser.

And they're all made here by the company's twelve employees.

Over the past fifteen years.

But they haven't burnt out in that time.

In fact, the wick has grown longer.

"We first could do maybe ten sleeves a day. And now we can do hundreds of sleeves a day,” Reusser says.

Those candles are then shipped to gift stores across the country, and even into Canada, and other countries across the world.

"We just got back from the Atlanta market. So we sell at the Atlanta gift market, and we will sell to almost all fifty states now, we have some overseas, and we have Canada,” Reusser says.

Most of its product is sold wholesale to those stores, but it has a small retail store at the factory in Berne- plus internet sales.

Reusser says the company brings in three-quarters of a million dollars each year into the region, helping to put outside dollars to work locally.

I think it's really good. We give a lot of people jobs. There's a lot of families that are supported by us, and I think it's good for the creativity of the community,” Reusser says.”

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