Locally Made Monday - Cinda B

Published 08/05 2013 02:54PM

Updated 08/08 2013 10:52AM

There's a national handbag company in the region- and no, it's not the big guys right down the road- and all its production is based right here in Fort Wayne.

In fact- it uses those other guys' old facility- preserving over one hundred local jobs.

WFFT Andrew Logsdon has this week's Locally Made Monday report.

Cinda B relocated to Fort Wayne in 2009- seizing an opportunity to utilize local talent.

Four years later, their bags are now in thousands of stores around the world.

When Cinda Boomershine founded her handbag company several years ago- she did so out of personal necessity.

"You know, I was doing the show on TBS, I was bouncing from location to location, and I needed a really durable, machine washable, stylish bag, and I couldn't find one in the marketplace. So I decided to design one on my own," says Boomershine.

That design became the first line of bags produced by Cinda B.

And today, Boomershine oversees her company out of its production facility in Fort Wayne.

And when another handbag company vacated this building in 2009, Cinda B moved in- relocating from California- saving about one hundred local jobs.

"And I got contacted by this amazing facility here. They had all these sewers and they didn't have anything to sew at the time. So they asked me if I would consider moving production here... I said yes!" Boomershine says.

Today- it's grown to over one hundred thirty employees, still sewing.

"Yea, a lot of the old employees that were at this facility are still sewing here for Cinda B now," says Boomershine.

These workers produce over a thousand handbags a day, sending them to thousands of retailers around the world, selling them online, and inside its on-site store.

"You know, we obviously helped create a lot of jobs here. We've got a great corporate staff, and in our sewing staff," Boomershine says.

The factory is open for tours.

Cinda says the company's future is in the bag.

You can find out more info about Cinda B at-


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