Locally Made Monday - Alex Products, Inc.

By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 04/21 2014 07:17PM

Updated 04/22 2014 08:58AM

It turns out that for many of you... Those seats inside your car may have been made right here in northwest Ohio.

And they're making thousands every day out in Paulding.

It’s this week’s Locally Made Monday report.

Out at Alex Products Incorporated, they make more than just car seats.

WFFT got a look inside their factory, and saw how they incorporate automation with skilled labor.

These employees and these robots are working together to make these car seats and armrests inside Alex Product's Paulding factory.

"Our plant primarily makes care seat cushions. So we do resistance welding. That's two wires that are fused together with just a current a pressure,” Paulding Plant Manager Clint Reagle says.

These wire frames are sold to companies across the U.S., and even Mexico and Canada, to companies who wrap them in foam and padding and put them inside cars around the world.

"In one day, we ship out six thousand seats to all different kind of cars.
You'd be surprised at all the customers the seats end up in,” Reagle says.

The company's 150 Paulding employees help to bring in over $100 million in sales each year.

Reagle says the 2008 recession led Alex Products to consider other options.

It began making solar panels, with the anchors built in Paudling.

"Here in Paulding, we make the anchor system, so it's like a giant spike with an auger on the end that goes into the ground, and that's what these solar panels sit on in the field,” Reagle says.

Reagle says they install them all over the country.

And through the solar project, they hope to triple those sales dollars in the next several years.

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