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By ANDREW LOGSDON | alogsdon@wfft.com

Published 03/09 2014 08:15PM

Updated 03/11 2014 09:30AM

Many of the molded plastic pieces you might see in placed like your car, or your home, were likely made right here in northeast Indiana.

Fort Wayne's Accutech mold and machine is making thousands of parts here and shipping them across the planet.

Accutech is utilizing a highly-skilled form of manufacturing that not many other companies are doing.

It's what's helping it stand apart and shaping its own future.

In its Goshen Road warehouse and factory in Fort Wayne Accutech Mold and Machine is cranking out thousands of custom-made plastic parts- All molded to perfection.

"You have a steel casing, if you want to say, and you shoot molten plastic into it. And then that molten plastic hardens and becomes a part that you are providing,” says Accutech Mold and Machine president Kelly Geiger.

It started in 1996 creating general molded parts.

In 2003, it began injection and insert molding.

"Soon after that, we got our first injection molding running job, and it just kind of exploded. So now we have 22 presses out there that run 24 hours a day,” Geiger says.

Accutech makes as many as 300,000 different custom molds, sending out over 50 million parts last year.

Geiger says their manual process is a different kind of high-skilled manufacturing.

"It's a labor-intensive process. You need an operator at nearly every press that you have, or a robot. A lot of companies don't like to do that because it doesn't just spit out parts- you have to do something in the mold before the part comes out,” Geiger says.

They send those parts all over the world.

"We do a lot of automotive parts, and those go on Nissan vehicles, Toyota vehicles, Chrysler vehicles, a whole bunch of different ones, so those are global,” Geiger says.

And some stay right here.

"We also do injection moldings for some local companies, where we build components for paintball guns, and military things like that,” Geiger says.

It's currently building an additional 12,000 square foot warehouse to prepare for a growth that is molding a bright future.

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