Local reaction to State of the State Speech

Published 01/15 2014 10:16PM

Updated 01/16 2014 08:16AM


Governor Mike Pence delivered the state of the state Tuesday evening using broad brushstrokes to illustrate the picture of his first year in office and to show Hoosiers what 2014 will look like.

Locally, Allen County Republican Chair Steve Shine, and Democratic State Senate Candidate Jack Morris weighed in on the Governors speech.

“I thought it was a great speech and it really sent out a great agenda for the people of Indiana,” said Shine. 

“I got the sense that he was trying to say that he was reaching across in the same way he's trying to reach across to Glenda Ritz.  The reality is those are words but I haven't seen it in action,” said Morris.   

Pence and State Superintendent Glenda Ritz have had a confrontational first year in office, but last night the governor made a point to recognize Ritz, which according to shine was the right move.   

“He could of said nothing, instead he preferred to show that he was generous in his comments about Superintendent Ritz and that he was taking the high road,” said Shine. 

When it comes to governor mending his relationship with Ritz, Morris says he hopes Pence will back up his words with action. 

“Glenda has a lot of great ideas for Indiana education and hopefully he means it when he says he will work with her I know Glenda is willing to work with him

While Morris and Shine both have differing opinions on portions of the governors speech, the portion that they agree on might be the most controversial, the states HJR-3 legislation that aims to ban same-sex marriage in the constitution.

“We are spending all this time talking about a bill that discriminates that doesn't move forward anything with our economy and thing with regard to our citizens and is distracting and wasting so much money,” said Morris. 

“Regardless of how you feel about the position  for or against it's a distractions to many of the things that need to get done in the state of Indiana,” said Shine. 

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