Local Mother Son Duo Traveling To Africa Not Worried About Ebola

By ISABELLA MOLLER | imoller@kark.com

Published 08/10 2014 03:54PM

Updated 08/11 2014 12:27PM

Even after hearing about the Ebola scares in Africa Tracy and Evan Bennett, mother and son, are not nervous to go back to help kids in the area.

“They look at you and they go you’re going where?  But it’s not something I’m nervous about going,” said Tracy.

That’s the reaction Tracy Bennett gets when she tells people that she’s traveling to Africa for the second time with her son Evan.

Just last Friday the UN declared the Ebola outbreak as an international public health emergency. But the Bennett’s are not concerned to travel back to Africa. They have immunizations from the last trip that should keep them safe.

“We had to get all our vaccinations, when we passed through country we passed through Tanzania so we had to get yellow fever shots in that country because we didn’t get it ahead of time,” said Tracy.

Tracy and Evan explained pictures from their last trip. The mission trip was 2 weeks and Tracy said this trip is from a calling Evan got from God.

“We were deeply impacted when we were there last year that my son and I there was no question we were going to go back,” said Tracy.


Currently, the Bennett’s are not looking at any extra precautions for their trip next year.


“We aren’t in an area that is closely related to where the break out is so we aren’t really worried,” said Tracy.


Evan said he looks forward to being with his mom on the trip again doing several activities.


“Because my son was called he had the calling to go to Africa and we went on a mission trip and just knowing that what we were going to be doing was work that God wanted us to be doing,” said Tracy.

“During the day well be together but most of the time our time is put into the other people. We're always together but we do all the building and evangelizing together,” said Evan.

Evan said last year he loved working with the kids getting to know the community he is helping.

“It was pretty fun and you get to play around with a lot of the people you do a lot of cool stuff,” said Evan.

Although the Ebola outbreak is serious, and makes several people nervous to travel to countries infected, Evan believes that people should not be discouraged from helping people out.

“Don’t let that be in your mind the whole time that will mostly scare you thin of the positive things if you’re going,” said Evan.


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