Local Man Tests Positive for Dangerous Mosquito Virus

Published 06/10 2014 01:29PM

Updated 06/10 2014 01:46PM

A local man has just tested positive for a dangerous virus that is transmitted by mosquitos.  Mosquitos are especially problematic during this time of year and WFFT's Charnae Davenport has more information on how to avoid this from happening to you and your family.

The common thing to do during summer months is travel but when you travel internationally, there's a risk of contracting diseases that may not have a cure.  That's the case for one Allen County man.

"This today is the first in Indiana to be announced."

Mindy Waldron with the Allen County Health Department stresses the importance of protecting your skin from insects.

"Mosquitos are not just a nuisance but they can also carry disease."

An Allen County man has tested positive for a virus transmitted by mosquitos.  The man who acquired the virus returned from a vacation in the Carribean.  For Hoosiers, the risk of contracting the virus called Chikungunya is very low.

"The two types of mosquitos that carry Chikungunya are not found in this part of the state."

However, it's always important to know your health risks before traveling out of the country.

"We have a travel clinic as well as others in the area to check with and look into the country you're traveling into for medications or vaccines that are available to prevent you from going to that country and contracting something that you'll have to come back here to treat and that's a risk to the community."

Although the risk of getting Chikungunya is low, other viruses like West Nile are more common so it's important to protect yourself at all times.  For example, dump any water around your house.

"Flower pots, kiddie pools, fountains, even just buckets.  Things that could be easily dumped."

Waldron says the best way to avoid insect viruses is to protect your skin from the initial bite.  You can do that by wearing bug spray or long sleeves and pants.

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