Local Flower Shops Feel the Love on Valentines Day

Published 02/14 2014 02:08PM

Updated 02/14 2014 02:17PM

Local flower shops are feeling the love for Valentines Day and WFFT stopped by Cottage Flowers here in Fort Wayne to find out what people are buying this year, which gender is spending more, and how the "Hallmark" holiday is impacting local businesses.

"We probably have 100 orders that have to be done tonight before we can even go home."

Phones were ringing off the hook during the visit to Cottage Flowers.  Even with 300 pre-orders complete, the florists still had dozens of bouquets to arrange before the big day.

"10% of the orders went out today and 90% will go out tomorrow."

Jerry Schowe is the owner of the 70 year old business and says it will be busy but they're ready for their biggest day in sales of the year.  7 delivery drivers will be on the roads, while 15-20 people will be at the shop arranging bouquets.

Schowe says customers seem to be spending more money this year than last year on gifts.

"Probably 10% more than last year."

Although the local shop didn't increase their prices on flowers, Schowe says the increase in sales is likely based on more people buying add-ons to go along with the flowers.

"I think one time a year, they'll splurge.  They don't mind paying a little bit more expenses for roses, especially for Valentines Day."

"Of course you gotta do the roses and DeBrand's Chocolate.  Boy, I tell ya, it does the heart good!"

This year it's estimated that Americans will spend around 17 billion dollars on the sweetheart holiday and typically it's males who'll spend a bit more on the females.

"I'm gonna spend about 50-60 bucks.  She will spend about 15 bucks."

Ethan is actually a bit above average.  Most surveys show that men spend around 40% more then their female partner.

"Red roses are always a tradition.  You can add bears, you can add candy, but Valentines has always been traditionally red roses."

The iconic downtown shop caters to every cupid, making Cottage Flowers the perfect stop for Valentines Day.

"It's always nice to buy from your local flower shop in Fort Wayne."

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