Local Eyeglass Brand "Desiar"

Published 05/05 2014 01:54PM

Updated 05/05 2014 02:06PM

A young group of Fort Wayne entrepreneurs are turning some heads and styling them with their new eyeglass brand "Desiar".   If you don't recognize the name, you soon will as stars like Soldja Boi, Trey Songz, and even Denzel Washington's wife is wearing the Fort Wayne brand.

"Our goal is to be the number one eyewear company in the world."

Chris Pena, and Jamal Robinson are Fort Wayne entrepreneurs.  Their company is called "Desiar" and it's been turning heads and styling them all across the country.

"The reason that I started Desiar, one, was because the desire and the need for the product that I was creating at the time was enhancing sunglasses with crystals and then as we progressed to create the brand that could be worn by the masses."

"It's not about the sunglasses.  To us, it's all about the impact that we have to make the world a better place."

Robinson says at the core of Desiar is the importance of empowering others.  Longe Optical is a local distributor for the brand.

"We're just excited to be partnering with another local Fort Wayne company because that's really important to us, to sow the rich heritage that we have here as well as the future and where we can take this city."

"It was a great fit to partner with Longe because they're innovative. They're forward thinking, their management is interested in impacting the community- especially with a small business like ours."

"We will make Fort Wayne known, along with the other great companies in Fort Wayne, as the home of Desiar."

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