Local Businesses Suffer from Wintry Weather

Published 02/09 2014 09:43PM

Updated 02/10 2014 12:30PM

This cold wintry weather is hurting business for a number of local companies. Sales are down because people are staying at home instead of shopping or going to events.

Analysts predict this season’s deep freeze is costing the economy 10 billion dollars. This includes people in the summit city like Zachary Briggs. His self titled photo and videography company has recently had a hard hit.

"People are not only cancelling events, they’re afraid to schedule events because they have no idea how to prepare for the weather,” said Briggs.

Briggs has more than 100 local clients including large businesses like Big Brothers Big Sisters.

"For the winter season that's been about 2,500 dollars I lost out on. At least I have a little bit saved up for a rainy day, or in this case a snowy day," he said.

The auto industry is also suffering. According to Autodata, General Motors saw a decline as much as 12 percent last month because of bad weather. Terel Lynn at Glenbrook Dodge says car sales in Fort Wayne have taken a plunge.

"A lot of people have not been wanting to come out and come buy a vehicle and you know the numbers are affected by that," said Lynn.

He says all the snow has made it especially difficult to close a deal.

"If people came up and they wanted to see stickers and stuff, they can’t see it when the snow is covering the vehicles," he said.

In school districts, hourly employee’s haven’t made as much money because of all the recent school closures.

Indiana State budget officials say January’s statewide revenue was $38-million below what was forecasted. The shortfall was mostly in sales tax which is one of the biggest revenue sources for the state. Some other industries that are suffering nationwide include real estate, manufacturing, and airports.

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