Liquor Store robbery ends in Stand-off

Published 02/26 2014 10:13PM

Updated 02/27 2014 08:19AM


A robbery at  THE S&V liquor store, 9960 Illinois Road, ends in a stand-off in Arcola.

It lasted for hours, closing several streets and placing schools in Arcola on lockdown.

Fort Wayne Police say a white man wearing a Grim Reaper mask successfully robbed the store around 1 p.m.  An employee and bystander saw the man drive away in a red pick-up truck that didn't have a bed.

Around 3 p.m, police found that red truck  11,000 block of Arcola Road in the small town of Arcola.                                                                                          

“We are very surprised we don't get this around here in Arcola,” said neighbor Rick Rodgers. 

Jeremy Tinkel,  Allen County Sheriff’s Department, says they had good reason to believe that the suspect from liquor store robbery was inside this apartment.

“Negotiators came out from our department and swat team also came out,” said Tinkel. 

After Hours of trying to make contact with the suspect, the swat team made their move.

“The SWAT team eventually did make entry into the house and when they did they found the suspect deceased in the apartment,” said Tinkel. 

The entire block was closed and as a precaution neighboring schools were placed on lockdown.


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