Labor Day Picnic Celebrates Union Workers


Published 09/02 2014 02:16PM

Updated 09/02 2014 02:28PM

One of the largest Labor Day picnics in the entire Midwest was held in Fort Wayne to celebrate union workers from all over our viewing area with various American and ethnic foods, games, and rides.

The picnic marks 125 years since the first Northeast Indiana celebration honoring labor and solidarity.

"It's just a big party that working people throw for other working people to celebrate the day."

This picnic began 5 years before the Government named Labor Day as a holiday and organizer Tom Lewandowski says they want to show appreciation to all workers.

"This is a celebration for those people that work to make the world better in all senses of the word."

Beth Lawrence retired from the union after 50 years and is grateful for the job she had.

"I was a single parent, it meant a lot.  It meant the difference between being able to provide for my children or not."

Lawrence is thankful to the Union.

"A wage that was liveable.  I didn't have to at the time go on assistance.  Worked hard, had a couple jobs at times, but we made it and that's what America's all about."

She's not the only one that feels that way.  Shawn Smith enjoys his job at Dana Corporation.

"I'm very grateful.  I'm thankful for the job I've had.  I've had the same job 47 years with a good company."

Smith says picnics like this one just allow the bond between union members to continue to grow.

"Well, we call each other brother and sister, like we're a family."

Whether it was at a picnic like this, a barbeque, or just enjoying some downtime at home, we hope everyone enjoyed their day off from labor.

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