Keeping Pets Safe On The Fourth


Published 07/02 2014 07:09PM

Updated 07/03 2014 08:58AM

Summer can be fun for all of us, but it can put a lot of stress on our dogs, cats and other furry friends.

It can be especially tough for animals during the Independence Day weekend.

WFFT has some tips for keeping your pets safe as we celebrate our nation's birth and for the rest of the summer.

Fireworks can be fun for us but maybe not for our four-legged pals.

Peggy Bender of Fort Wayne animal care and control says it's important to take extra precautions for your pets this Independence Day.

"Keep in mind that pets hearing is so sensitive. For them it's uncomfortable to be in those situations and it's the perfect opportunity for a pet to slip its collar and become lost in a very unfamiliar location,” Bender says.

She says the Independence Day weekend is one of the busiest times of the year with more pets lost than at any other time.

"Please keep identification on collars, keep your gates locked and latched, and just understand that a pet that may never have tried to disappear before may do so during this holiday weekend,” Bender says.

The other summer factor is heat.

Bender says shade and water must be provided for pets at home.

"Our other concern is for anyone who takes their pet with them and decides to leave them in a car, because even on a day where the temperatures are only 70 degrees out, the inside of that car in a very short period of time, can climb to over 120 degrees,” Bender says.

I decided to test that.

So we're standing out now, and it's just about 72 degrees.

Watch in about twenty to thirty minutes.

I sit in the car for twenty-five minutes.

Within minutes, I'm sweating.

And the temperature rises fast.

Okay, so after about twenty-five minutes in the car, it's still showing, actually the temperature's dropped from 78 to 76.

But in that time, the temperature in the car rose from 72 all the way to 113.

Imagine what that feels like for your furry friends.

"Even if you roll the windows down, and park in a shaded area, it is not sufficient,” Bender says.

One final note- if you head to the lake this weekend, keep a close eye on those pets.

And also watch what foods they're eating as some table scraps can make your pets sick.

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